The Atomic Habits book is referenced a lot in the personal development space. Like the subtitle suggests, it discusses how small changes to your habits can compound over time to create a big difference in your life. When you keep hearing about something enough times, it peaks your interest. I finally read Atomic Habits, and it didn’t disappoint!

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First off, the Atomic Habits book is very actionable. James Clear backs up all his methods with science and case studies, but he writes in a way that tells you exactly how to implement the strategies to start changing your habits.

James Clear Atomic Habits Book Summary

The author structures the book into his four laws of behavior change. You will likely recognize these concepts from operant conditioning if you’ve ever taken a psychology class. By manipulating the habit loop, you can encourage the behaviors you want in your life. The habit loop consists of the cue, craving, response, and reward. You go through this process (likely without even knowing you’re doing it) every time you perform a habit. This can be used for both creating good habits and for breaking bad habits.

Atomic Habits goes deeper into each of the four stages of a habit and how to use them to make desired behaviors more likely and undesirable behaviors less likely. You develop good habits by making them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. You break bad habits by making them invisible, unattractive, difficult and unsatisfying.

There is a lot of great wisdom in this book about how to set yourself up for success through your habits. I found it very interesting, insightful, and actionable. I recommend checking it out so you can know how to shape your life with habits.

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