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Streamlined Home Organization

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, repeat.

How much of the time in your home is spent maintaining it?

How much of the time spent in your home actually adds value to your life?

What would it look like if your home and workflows were optimized so you spent less time maintaining them?

What would you do with the time and space you are no longer wasting?

More quality family time? More time to prioritize health? More learning and growth?

Woman cleaning the kitchen with a steam mop
Mom and daughter quality family time brushing daughter's hari

What matters to YOU?

Whatever you value, LEAN principles can help you make more of it with less time, space, and energy. The LEAN Home course will show you how!

We’ll walk you step-by-step through how to systemize your home and task list so it takes the least possible time and energy from you.

“Who are you, and

Why should I listen to you?”

Image of Personal Improvement Academy instructor Shelly

Hi! I’m Shelly.

My husband and I both work in industry as Engineers. I run a newborn photography studio. We have two adorable kiddos who attend lessons for soccer, dance, baseball, tumbling, basketball, etc.

In short, we live full lives.

We understand the value of our time, and want to make the most of our resources. That’s why we first implemented these LEAN strategies in our own home. And there’s no way we could take on everything we’re doing without them.

I’ve created a system to help you implement these same strategies. I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to optimize your home so you spend less time and energy maintaining it, giving you more resources for the things that are most important to you!

“Okay, is this for me?”

Do you relate?

This course can help if you:

  • Can’t seem to find enough hours in the day
  • Spend way too much time doing menial tasks
  • Aren’t living into your values because the tasks just keep piling on


I’ve been there, and I can help you:

  • Be confident that the way you are spending your time and energy is adding value to your life
  • Know how to identify the problem areas in your home
  • Understand the steps to resolve bottlenecks in home processes
  • Have a system in place to continuously improve the workflows in your home
  • Implement step-by-step instructions for resolving issues in common work areas
  • Be more efficient with your time and space
  • Identify and reduce waste to help you use your resources for creating more value in your life
  • Create space and time for the things you and your family value
  • Organize your space to work WITH you instead of against you

What’s Included?

In the course, you’ll find:

  • Self paced video trainings
  • Lifestyle videos of how these techniques are working in our home
  • Actionable instructions for implementing this system in your home
  • PDF workbook to use on a tablet or to print

“I want early access!”